Is the university accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education


Does the university provide hostel facilities for boys and girls?

Currently ECUC doesn’t provide Hostel facilities for boys and girls. However hostel facilities will be provided in the new university campus which is under construction now.

Does the university provide visa?

Yes, the university provides visa for its students

Does the University provide scholarships?

Universitycurrently doesn’t provide scholarships, butoffers Financial Aid with Students with a cumulative grade of 95% and above in the qualifying examination will be granted a 25% concession in their tuition of first semester. This is limited to the first semester only.

Students with a cumulative grade of 90% and above in the qualifying examination will be granted a 15% concession in their tuition of first semester. This is limited to the first semester only.

A merit of 15% discount on the tuition fee will be granted to students whose CGPA is 3.6 or above on a 4.0 scale in every semester. This merit discount will be effective the next semester. Failure in any course will cause a student not be eligible for the Financial Aid.

Does the university offer Masters courses or will be in the near future?

Yes, in the near future

How to register for soft skills?

By filling the application form which is available electronically on the university website or as hard copy which is available at the reception desk.

What is the duration and fee for soft skills?

The period of study vary from cycleto another,and therefore fees vary per session

What kind of certificates would be awarded?

The University offers a certificate of successful shows in which the name of the course and its time period

Why is it called Emirates Canadian university?

Because it is affiliated with universities in Canada

How is it linked or affiliated with Canadian university in Canada?

Through affiliation agreement with Vancouver Island University and we are in the process to affiliate with other universities in Canada.

IS there possibility to transfer the credits from ECUC to any university in Canada?

Yes, to the universities affiliated with in Canada

Does the university offer Diploma courses or short programmes?

The university doesn’t have diploma programs currently, but there are short courses

Why ECUC does not provide bachelor of business administration in Marketingor HR?

the university is planning to provide bachelor in Human Resources and Marketing in the near future

Is there transport facility?

Yes there is a transport facility to the students

Does ECUC offer weekend classes?


What are the possible timings of the weekend classes?

9 hours starting from 1pm until 10pm on Friday and Saturday

What are the qualifications of the instructors and teachers?

Our lecturers and teachers are very qualified and equipped with the right skills and experience

Is it necessary to provide TOFEL or ILETS score at the time of admission or later on any time?

Can be obtained during the first semester, and the acceptance of the student in this case conditional admission

Does the university provide special consideration for the students who can attend classes only twice a week?

Yes, and it depends on the number of students that can’t attend the university more than twice a week

In case the student is working in the evening, will the university provide a tailored schedule?


Is the university part of the Canadian University in Canada?

No but it have MOU with Canadian universities such as Vancouver Island University

Is there any vacancies in the university?

Yes, and the vacancies are available on the university website

Does the university to provide courses in basic skills


Is there any career opportunities at the university and how can I applied?

Yes there are listed under Staff Careers Link at the university website and you need to full out the form and upload your CV

Is there any ILETS or TOEFL courses at the university?

Yes there preparation IELTS & TOEFL courses in partnership with International House Dubai. Also the university is an examination center for Institutional TOEFL under the supervision of American Middle East Education and Training Services Inc (AMIDEAST)

Does the university provides coursesto learn Englishfor all levelsand what is thefees and thedate of these courses? What isthe nationality ofthe teacherswho teachesthe English language?

Yes available at the university courses to learn English for all levels of conversation and writing at the hands of the most efficient foreign and Arab teacher’s to the ECUC students. The fees to register for these courses by levels, as follows:

  • Level I: 3,500 three thousand and five hundred AED
  • Level II: 4,000 four thousand AED
  • Level III: 5,000 five thousand AED

The duration of the sessions above four months and takes place three times each academic year at the beginning of each semester. It also plans to offer college courses short of the English Language for non-college students within the Platform for Continuing Education