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University Requirements

General Education is vital to higher education programs. The General Education Program helps strengthen the link between the University College mission and its degree programs. Interdisciplinary courses provide students with knowledge and tools that help them work with a range of disciplines. They teach them to derive information and apply concepts interchangeably in real-life situations. On the other hand, language and multicultural courses deliver a rich experience that aid in understanding other cultures and developing respect for them. General Education ensures that all graduates of the University College, irrespective of their majors, are trained, aware and competent enough to thrive within an educated society.

Goal Statement
The General Education curriculum is designed to help students develop their ability to expand their intellectual interests, critical thinking, imagination, sensitivity and creativity. It also attempts to address mathematical reasoning and problems; integrating knowledge; communicating effectively; expanding students’ sense of social, ethical and cultural values; and appreciating the application of values in society.

The University College seeks to prepare its students not only for rewarding careers, but also to be responsible citizens of the modern world. It does this by building each academic program on a required foundation of courses that taken together, form the core of a liberal education.