Students are required to register officially during the registration phase each semester. Students should adhere to the guidelines of the Registration guide issued from the Office of the Registrar. They are expected to consult the respective advisors regarding the selection of courses. In order to prepare the students well in advance for the registration process the registration period is specifically marked in the academic calendar. As delay in registration would negatively affect the functioning of the system, late registration is not at all appreciated. Nevertheless, genuine cases will be considered and delayed Registration will be permitted, but they will be charged a late registration fee.

Orientation Program
Orientation Program is the process through which a new student is comfortably introduced and assimilated into the main flux of the University College. Each university has its own ways of familiarizing new students with its specific regulations and lifestyle on campus. The Office of Student Affairs introduces university life through campus tours and visits, meetings, lectures, demonstrations and other activities, which prolong for a week. Orientation is a mandatory program for all new students.

Late Registration
Dates such as admission deadline, examinations, etc shall be posted prior to the beginning of each semester. It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to these dates and keep himself/herself informed about it. A delay in registration subjects the student to a late fee of UAE Dirhams 500. Students will be denied attendance to a course if five class days have been completed.

Registration Procedures
Prior to the registration period, a registration guide shall be made available to the students by the Office of the Registrar. The guide contains extensive information and details on the steps required for registration. The guide will be updated regularly with courses being offered; students are required to refer to the guide in preparation for registration and meeting with the academic advisor.

Registration involves three main steps:

  • Advisement
  • Selection and registration of courses
  • Tuition fees Payment

All new students are required to submit all the necessary documents related to their admission, in particular the ones mentioned in the letter of admission, prior to the beginning of the registration.

Students are not permitted to delay the payment of the tuition fees after the registration period. Special permission may be granted in the following conditions:

  • In the event student faces a challenge in paying the registration fees in full; a letter is required to be submitted by the student’s sponsor detailing the reasons of the inability.
  • A written and signed approval shall be provided by the authorized officials of the University College stating the payment terms and conditions

If a check is returned due to any reason, an additional amount of AED 500/- , shall be added onto the student account.

Registration Policies

Availability of Classes
The University College attempts to meet student’s needs in various ways through its schedule of classes. Classes are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday. While the majority of courses required for degrees are scheduled between 8:00 and 5:00, it is possible that some classes and some sections of classes are scheduled later than 5:00 p.m. Access to courses and sections of classes for matriculated students is on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date of registration. Students registering later may have fewer options on the selection of a schedule.

The University College supports students to follow a part-time schedule if the option is in their best interest; this may result in difficulty in registering for every course in every semester. Students with part-time loads and not in regular sequence should consult with their Program Director or the appropriate Department Chair.

Cancellation of Registration
Students are allowed to cancel their registration provided that it’s made three working days prior to the commencement of the semester. The request needs to be made in writing and submitted to the Registrar’s office. A refund in full shall be granted provided that all the procedures required by the Registrar’s office have been followed.

Registration Discrepancies
Students finding a mismatch in their schedule or are not listed in the roster for classes they have registered for should inform the Registrar’s office immediately. The Registrar’s office is the only department authorized to clarify and/or rectify the student’s registration status.

Transfer Student Registration
The University allows the enrollment of students given non-degree and visiting admission provided they have met the necessary academic prerequisites. Course registration and payment in full, similar to that of a regular student, should be made at the Registrar’s office. The priority of enrollment to courses with limited seats will be given to students pursuing a degree program.

Non-degree and Visiting Student Registration
The University allows the enrollment of students given non-degree and visiting admission status to courses provided they have met the necessary academic prerequisites. Course registration and payment in full, similar to that of a regular student, should be made at the Registrar’s office. The priority of enrollment to courses with limited seats will be given to students pursuing a degree program.

Academic Standards and Regulations for Non-degree Study
Non-degree students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 on a scale 4.0 to be qualified to continue taking courses.

Audit Registration
Students wishing to attend as auditors for a course are allowed to do so provided they pay the regular fee, obtain a written approval from the instructor, audit courses with adequate classroom and laboratory facilities and with registration for a minimum of 12 credits.

Papers and Exams may be submitted to or accepted by the instructor of the audited course. There will be no credits granted for auditing courses. Students enrolled into an audit course are not allowed to change the status once the semester has started.

The University College is not responsible for the academic progress of an audit student. Audited courses have a non-refundable tuition fee policy. Students with active enrollment are given priority over new entries for enrollment into courses as auditors.

Class Standing
A student's class standing is determined by the number of credits hours completed successfully:

0-29 credit hours

Freshman or First Year

30-59 credit hours

Sophomore or Second Year

60-89 credit hours

Junior or Third Year

90 or more credit hours

Senior or Fourth Year

Change of Major
Students are permitted or may be asked by the University College to change their major provided they meet the pre-requisites and obtain an approval from the Department Chair for the major they are applying for. Degree requirements stated in the catalog for the year in which the change is made, should be followed.

Add and Drop
Students may drop and/or add courses until the end of the Drop/Add Period as stated by ECUC. Students who wish to do this with courses should first speak to their academic advisors before they take any decisions as such. Courses which are dropped during the Drop/Add period will not be mentioned in students’ academic records. Students are also asked to look at the Tuition Refund Schedule before taking any action in this regard.

Withdrawal from Courses
The withdrawing policy from a course is as follows:

  • A withdrawal from a course during the first week of the semester will not appear on the transcript.
  • A grade of “W” will be stated on the transcript if a withdrawal occurs between the 2nd and 10th week of the semester.
  • The deadline for accepting course withdrawal requests is the end of the 10th week of the semester.
  • A student is financially obligated if they fail to provide written notification of their withdrawal from a course to the Registration office. Abstaining from attendance or refraining from using any services related to the course will not exempt the student from these obligations.
  • Should the student decide to take the course in the coming semesters, a registration and a payment for the course need to be made.
  • Students requesting to withdraw from a course must be having a minimum of 12 credits in the semester in question. Students may be permitted to reduce the academic load below 12 due to medical conditions and/or special circumstances. In such cases, the approval of the Department Chair is needed.
  • Drops and withdrawals requested by students are irreversible, non-retroactive and effective on receipt date.
  • A student may audit a course they have withdrawn from provided they obtain the faculty’s approval.
  • A withdrawal made between the 11th week and the last day of the semester will register a mark of “WF” and a grade of 0.00 in the transcript. The grade will be considered in the student’s GPA calculation.
  • If a student withdraws after the 11th week due to unforeseen personal reasons and he/she has demonstrated an outstanding performance during the course, a mark of “WP” will be noted on the transcript.

Administrative Withdrawals
An administrative withdrawal will be exercised by the appropriate officials in instances where it is in the best interest of the students in the long run. Reasons for such a withdrawal include delinquency in making payments, poor health, inappropriate personal behavior, plagiarism, failure to respond to requests made by official personnel and/or an excess of absenteeism.

Withdrawal from the University College
Students could choose to leave ECUC for a number of solid reasons. Students are expected to do so by tendering a signed withdrawal application to the Registrar’s Office. Leaving ECUC shall lead to a grade of W being recorded. Withdrawing from ECUC after the deadline shall lead to a grade of either WP or WF. This depends on the grades the student achieves up to the point of withdrawal.
If a student withdraws from ECUC, this schedule of the refund applies:

One week before the first day of classes

100% excluding the seat reservation deposit of new students

Before the end of the first week of classes

100% excluding non-refundable deposits

During the second week of classes


During the third week of classes


After the third week of classes


No refunds shall be made after the end of week three. No refund shall be given in respect of any application, activities or other fee in the case of special services carried out for students