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Mission and Vision

The vision of Emirates Canadian University College is to become one of the pre-eminent higher education institutions in the UAE and be well recognized around the Middle East.

Purpose Statement
Emirates Canadian University College it is a private educational institution with a distinct identity the primary role of which is to provide fair and equitable learning opportunities for able and deserving students in the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries.

The institution is dedicated and determined to organize and offer challenging educational programs applying all the possible advanced modes of education. Furthermore, the Institution will apply its resources and will endeavor to contribute substantially to human knowledge and scientific research in order to pave the way for higher education in UAE and to meet the requirements of the society.

The University College is committed to employ and retain internationally qualified faculty with varied experience to offer professional baccalaureate and master’s degree programs that are primarily career-oriented, yet integrated with the liberal arts and sciences.  

The mission of Emirates Canadian University College (ECUC) is to educate students to meet the challenging educational and cultural needs of the UAE society through teaching, scholarship and public service.  The University College seeks to provide both students and the larger community with the educational and cultural tools they need to thrive in a complex world.  
ECUC adopts the Canadian education perspective but with an objective of contributing to UAE’s society and keeping the Emirates diverse cultures and values in harmony with it.

ECUC acknowledges that a high standard in higher education is possible only by maintaining academic and professional excellence in the faculty, staff and students. Only the pursuit of excellence by the institution guarantees respect and credibility both from the local and the international communities. The University College is confident of prominent role it will play in fostering educational and technological advancement in the United Arab Emirates and the region.