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Mass Communication

The Mass Communication Program seeks to prepare generations of communicators in media and public relations sectors to face the communications market challenges in the UAE and the Arab region through efficient use of new media technologies and critical and analytical thinking. The Program curricula draws on the opportunities given to students to practice critical and analytical thinking and pursue their creative works in all media and communication fields within a context of academic excellence in tune with international media education trends.

The Program, designed to beef up academic training in media and public relations in the United Arab Emirates, includes three tracks of study: Journalism (print and electronic), web-based New Media and Public Relations.

Program input analysis shows that academic media training is based on four major competencies: (1) theoretical knowledge in media and communication, (2) Critical and analytical thinking in approaching media and social issues, (3)Technical skills in applying modern communication skills and (4) communication skills in interpersonal and mass communication contexts.

Those competencies are fully compatible with the five strands defining level 7 of the UAE Qualifications Framework which include: knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility, role in context and self-development. The Program harnesses collaborative relations with media organizations to enable the achievement of those competencies.

Program Goals

Goal #1: To enable students to possess efficient communication skills in mass communication and public relations contexts.

Objective: To enhance students’ interpersonal communication sills.

Goal#2: To familiarize students with the major communication theories  relating to media effects, public opinion, media ethics and laws, media research, media role in national development and social change, communications technologies, media campaigns and international and intercultural communication.

Objective: To comprehend theoretical and cognitive trends in communication in diverse cultural and global contexts with a focus on the interdisciplinary feature of communication as a field of study.

Goals#3: To enable student to apply critical and analytical thinking methods in approaching mass communication issues.

Objective: To understand critical and analytical approaches in humanities and social sciences and apply them in the study of media content and behavior.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Program requirements, students are expected to be able to :

  • Demonstrate solid and integrated understanding of the interpersonal communication process.
  • Apply effective interpersonal communication principles class presentations, discussions and group works.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of communication theories and their media applications.
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking methods in communication research.
  • Demonstrate ability to do research according to solid methodologies.