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ECUC understands and is willing to implement Programs adapting technologically advanced methods to achieve the expected goals set high on Canadian System of Education, sustaining the traditional and cultural values of the people of UAE.  While tailoring the system to blend in harmony with the political and economic climate of UAE and to suit the requirements of its people, ECUC stands pledged to maintain the advanced and unique standards of Canadian System of Education which we recognize as more liberal and flexible.  

With such admirable characteristics and high degree of adaptability The Canadian System will be ideal for the social and economical conditions in the Middle East; to educate its youth and to mould its future.

ECUC has made the diverse North American learning culture its model to serve the people of UAE and the region.   ECUC is keen about keeping harmony between the imparting of education and the cultural values of the region.  ECUC will recruit qualified Faculty with Canadian experience and academicians and institutional researches who will be supported by modern teaching tools and facilities.

The objective of the MOU is to foster collaboration and partnership between both institutions and to encourage direct contact and cooperation between their faculty members, departments, institutes and other research centers subject to the provisions of the MOU to improve the quality of education in both partner institutions.  To fulfill the objective; the parties agree to work towards collaborating on curriculum development initiatives; transferring academic credits; facilitating the enrolment of students and exchange of faculty of each institution; and Joint academic programs.