Admission Requirements

Admission Policy and Procedures
Students are offered admission irrespective of their national origin, color, gender, disability or religion to all the rights, privileges and programs offered by the University College. Students seeking admission at the undergraduate level should have completed their High School successfully and should have secured the respective certificate with the required percentage for the program that they select to pursue.

The Admissions Office will look over all the applications that meet the minimum requirements and invite offers to the best applicants to join ECUC. The criteria considered by the Admissions Office during the admission process are as follows: the levels of courses achieved by students, overall grades in high school, any standardized test scores that have been taken or asked for, the closeness of the relationship between test scores and grades, any essays used for admission purposes, personal or academic recommendations or references, the validity of extracurricular clubs, societies and activities that relate to the program of study, and the comparison of an applicant’s overall ability set against that of other applicants.

Students are granted admission for a specific semester for which they apply and if they, by any reason, fail to join the University College that semester, their right for admission will be nullified and they will have to follow a new admission procedure the next semester, unless otherwise advised by the University College.

Regular attendance and participation are required from all students in all class meetings, lectures, laboratory sessions and seminars. Students are not permitted to pursue degrees through correspondence or by merely passing the University College examinations.

The language of instruction throughout the degree program is English; proficiency in English language both oral and written is a decisive factor in determining the success of the student in the University College.


General Admission Requirements
Every applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • An official secondary school graduation certificate, which has been certified by Ministry of Higher Education along with necessary bodies.
  • A non-refundable fee of AED 300 for application. (This is non-refundable)
  • Four recent passport-size photographs.
  • Official reports of grading from over the last three secondary school years and again certified.
  • An admission application. This must be fully completed.
  • An overall average of sixty (60) % in the UAE High School Certificate or its equivalent or greater is needed for entry to the program.
  • Photocopyof student’s passport.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score or equivalent (IELTS Band Score), if obtainable at the time of application.
  • The necessary documentation for either the early, regular or transfer admission.

Applicants must be able to secure a score of at least 173 on the Computer-Based TOEFL (CBT) or 61 on the Internet-Based TOEFL (IBT) to be admitted to ECUC.

These scores are only valid for two years after the test has been taken. Students who do not score at or above the minimum level but in other areas meet ECUC standards may still be admitted, but will spend time in the Intensive English Program (IEP) at ECUC.

Only when meeting the minimum required eligibility criteria they will be allowed to enter the main programs they wish to study. Students who do not meet the English language requirements are required to study at least one semester in the IEP and must obtain the necessary 173 CBT/61 IBT on TOEFL to be eligible to move across into their chosen field.


Application Procedure

An application form must be completed by each applicant. These forms are available at the Admission Office. Completed forms must be submitted before the dates announced by the University College. No late applications will be accepted.

An accepted applicant in any bachelor’s degree program offered by ECUC must:

  • Be a graduate from a secondary school or its equivalent with a grade that satisfies the department requirement.
  • Demonstrate acceptable competency in English equivalent to a TOEFL score of 500 paper based or 173 CBT/61 IBT or its equivalent of a standardized English language test. Those not meeting the above mentioned level will be required to undergo Intensive English remedial program and they must score the level stated above to be allowed to register in an academic program of the University.
  • A non-refundable application fee of UAE Dirham 300.00 to be paid before taking the placement test.
  • Registration fee of UAE Dirham 1,000.00 (non-refundable) has to be paid prior to registration of subjects.
  • Satisfy all other requirements of admission

Admission as a Transfer Student

Student who needs to transfer to ECUC from another academic institution must submit an official transcript only from an accredited university. Student’s acceptance will depend on the following criteria:

  • The High School Diploma is recognized and approved by The Ministry of Higher Education.
  • The student must not be on probation or dismissed from the institution from which they are transferring. It is expected that a student has a clear record in this regard. ECUC does not necessarily expect a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) as this depends on the university or academic institution the student is transferring from.
  • The student is currently attending an accredited higher education institution that offers a comparable learning experience equivalent to ECUC. They should also have successfully completed at least one semester there.
  • Before being admitted to the institution the student is transferring from, the minimum admission requirements of ECUC should have been met at that time.
  • The Student should possess a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 4 or an equivalent.
  • Credit will be given for classes completed with a C grade minimum.
  • The number of credits of the transfer courses should be equivalent to those offered by ECUC.
  • The contents of any course covered elsewhere must be equivalent to those offered by ECUC.
  • The student may transfer up to, and not exceeding, fifty percent (50%) of credits toward their degree at ECUC.
  • The student must pay a non-refundable fee of AED 200.00 as part of the evaluation process. This fee is, however, deductible from tuition fees once the applicant has joined.

Any decision with regard to the awarding of credits is made only by the nominated chairperson at ECUC in the academic division.


Non-Degree Admission
ECUC offers the provision where non-degree admission can be taken up by a limited number of students who are able to join undergraduate credit courses. Enrollment of these students in undergraduate courses is naturally limited to available space. Non-degree students are limited to a total of twelve (12) credit hours per semester and a total of thirty (30) non-degree credit hours.
Any credits gained in courses with a grade of C or better at ECUC with a non-degree status may be reassigned and added to a full degree program if the student later applies to an undergraduate degree program.
Students who have non-degree status are expected to abide by the same Student Code of Conduct standards as degree students. All students must maintain a 2.00 GPA. The full academic regulations for degree programs and courses apply in this case as well.

Transferring from Non-Degree Status to Degree-Seeking Status
To change status to one of the ‘degree-seeking’, a non-degree student must fulfill all ECUC admission requirements for the semester when students intend to begin studying. All students must submit the required application information and follow-up documents to the Admissions Office. Students given permission to transfer from the non-degree to degree status must have finished at least twenty-four (24) credit hours of non-degree coursework while studying residentially at ECUC, and must have at least a cumulative GPA of 2.00 for all non- degree coursework taken at ECUC prior to this time. Students can transfer no more than thirty (30) credit hours earned in courses passed with a grade of C or higher when they have been taken in a non-degree status course at ECUC and then can be carried forward toward a degree program.

Tuition and Fees for the Non-Degree Program
Tuition fees for students designated as non-degree, who are enrolled in undergraduate courses, are identical to those of degree students.

The Offer of Admission
Admission is granted to the semester the student has applied to. A granted student may request to defer his admission provided that the request is made in writing, subjected to seat availability and meeting the admission criteria. A deferred admission must be utilized in the following semester of the originally granted one.
The University College holds the right to withdraw an admission offer made if the requirements provided by the applicant haven’t been met or have been false fully obtained. In the event of an admission withdrawal, credits earned at ECUC will be withheld.

Visiting Student Admission
Visiting students who are studying for a degree at another academic institution but would like to study at the ECUC in the Fall, Spring and/or Summer semesters will be dealt with on an individual basis. Students may be on this visiting status at ECUC for up to one year. They must complete an Application and present documents from their regular university to the Admissions Office stating that they are a member of another academic institution, are allowed to return, and are also allowed to follow courses at ECUC. They are also required to meet the English Competency minimum. The Admissions Office additionally requires individuals who are enrolled at an institution where English is not the language of instruction to a submit TOEFL scores.

Recognized Secondary School Certificates
Secondary School Certificates granted by the Ministry of Education and by private schools recognized by their host country will be considered by the University.

Certificates obtained through recognized qualification authorities, and national and international testing boards are also accepted by the University. In the case of a two level secondary school certificate, the higher certificate of the two will be considered by the university.

Deferred Admission Students who have been admitted may defer their entry to ECUC for a maximum of one academic year. Students who decide to defer to a later semester must let the Admissions Office know in writing. This must be done before the first day of class in the semester he/she is admitted to. To apply for deferred admission, students must supply the Admissions Office with an updated application as well as re-supplying an update to any transcripts before the admission deadlines for the deferred semester.

The Admission Office deals with the cases of Readmission for students who have been out of attendance with the University for over a year. The categories for readmission are as follows:

  • Former Students in Good Standing: Application for readmission is mandatory for ECUC students who have been out of college for over a year.
  • Students Suspended from Emirates Canadian University College: The decision for readmission of ECUC students who have been suspended rests with the Admission Office which will evaluate each case and may grant admission on probation after the student has served suspension. Under certain circumstances, the Head of Academic Affairs may entertain students’ appeals for readmission to avoid suspension.
  • Emirates Canadian University College Transient Students: Students who, after gaining consent from ECUC, pursued their studies temporarily elsewhere may re-enter the University College utilizing the Readmission process provided they present clear and valid records. However, if they attended the other institution without gaining approval from ECUC they will be allowed to return as Transfer Students only.

Advanced Standing
Credits earned at various secondary or post-secondary institutions may be applied towards the completion of a degree at ECUC.

Application for Advanced Standing
All applications for advanced standing are to be considered by ECUC as part of its policies and each department is to publish its criteria for granting. Advanced standing requests must be made prior to the beginning or no later than two weeks of the semester they are to be offered in. Subjects considered for advanced standing require a minimum passing grade of C.

Granting of Advanced Standing
The decision to grant or decline an advanced standing will be made by the Chair or designate in consultation with the Committee on Admissions and Standards; the applicant will be then informed of the decision in the form of a transcript. Students who wish to transfer within programs need to have their advanced standing reviewed by the Chair or designate. Amendments to granted advanced standings will be communicated to students in the form of a transcript

English Language Proficiency
Along with the admission application, both newly applying undergraduate students and non-degree students must show proof of English language proficiency. Exemptions based on applicant’s attendance of English–medium secondary school will NOT be accepted.

Applicants that satisfy one of the following criteria qualify for exemption:

  • IELTS/TOFEL score must be (4.5/450) and above for Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication whereas it must be (5.0/500) and above for Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of English Language and Translation. LAW (without IELTS or TOFEL).

Placement Tests
The University College has designed placement tests to evaluate a student’s competencies in English and Mathematics as sufficient knowledge of these two subjects is necessary for the successful completion of all programs.

All prospective students who do not attain the minimum score on the TOEFL are required to appear for placement tests. The new students who fail to clear the placement test are required to register for a preparatory program designed to furnish the students a learning environment to improve their proficiency in English and Mathematics. With the exception of mathematics, no placement test may be taken more than once. In case of different levels of mathematics encountered in changing programs, a placement test may be re-taken.
Placement tests are to be evaluated regularly against standardized tests that are recognized internationally. Accurate records will be kept of students' performance on placement tests and students' enrollment in and performance in preparatory programs or courses. The University College will evaluate regularly the effectiveness of its preparatory programs or courses.