ECUC Students Innovate a Project for Pedestrians Crossing, Can Read Facial fingerprint



ECUC students devised a project for safe pedestrians crossing, aiming to reduce run- over accidents to reach zero accident, using artificial intelligence.

The innovators said that the project is equipped with a device as small as airport cameras to read facial fingerprint through radar placed at a specific place on both sides.
Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Taniji said that the goal of their project is to provide a high standard of security and safety to the pedestrians, and reduce run - over accidents due to walkers’ mistakes. All people including the drivers themselves will benefit from the project.
This innovation is a deterrent to both pedestrians and drivers, through the facial fingerprint feature which records violations and offenders. And it could be a good  alternative to traffic lights placed in pedestrian crossing places, because it is equipped with a battery that produces different light colors alerts pedestrians - particularly “visually impaired”.
Ibrahim Al Shehhi said that, the project is equipped with a small device working automatically. It is placed at the road shoulder to help the pedestrians cross the road safely, and avoid accidents caused by reckless drivers. He added “I really hope that our project will be adopted by the Ministry of Interior and applied all over the country”.
Ahmed Al Shehhi said that innovation will be developed in the future, by adding a bus stop shelter placed on the sidewalks, to protect the walkers from the weather fluctuations and not to rush exposing themselves to accidents, moreover the innovation will work automatically if the road is empty of pedestrians or drivers.
Dr. Galal Hatem, president of the College, stressed that since innovation has become mandatory for all university students in the country, the College is keen to cover it fully theoretically and practically. The College also provides students with material and moral needs for all their innovative projects.

He said that there will be a special corner for all the students’ innovations, and the college will work hard to find adopters for these projects through communication with companies and agencies. He added that the project (Safe Pedestrian Crossing) touches people lives, the thing which is always argued by the State to provide a safe environment for all areas, including Traffic