ECUC Celebrates Cultures during the Open Day



For the third year in a row, Emirates Canadian University College in Umm Al Quwain organized an open day. Students from 11 nationalities, grouped in six wings,  participated in the event  to reflect their cultures and traditions.
TOEFL International, IBT, Examinations Center was also opened at the College.
The opening was attended by His Excellency Humaid Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the College, Dr. Galal Hatem, President  of the College, academic and administrative staff,  and the college students. Cultural and educational diversity is considered as  the main feature of the open day, and the most prominent and influential. This variety is the fertile source for enriching the human culture through the direct and continuous interaction between different cultures.

ECUC organizes such events in order to strengthen the ties between these communities, in addition to,  enhancing the students’  role in exposing the traditional, social, and artistic cultures of their peoples, and  refining their talents through their contributions  to these events which create an attractive cultural image reflecting the wonderful diversity of dazzling arts, music, food, clothes, costumes and cultural products of the students’  communities .

Dr. Galal Hatem, President of the College, said that such activities aim at emphasizing the cultural diversity, celebrating the students’  and their colleagues’ cultures,  and highlighting the various cultural traditions in order to improve the spirit of social and cultural relationships between the multicultural students.In addition to enhancing the concept of tolerance among them, being one of the values laid by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in building the Emirati society.

He added that the college, represented by the student center, provided the necessary support to its students to have such successful  celebration . He also  stressed that this event is an opportunity to explore the  students  talents which reflect  culture and heritage of their nations, including artistic and cultural displays and folk dances.

Dr.Hatem appreciated the participants’  fruitful cooperation during the open day, and their efforts to make the ceremony a success. He expressed his hope that this cooperation will be documented, and held annually, reflecting the best example of harmony between the citizens  and residents.