ECUC students Participate in a Training Course

Dr. Galal Hatem, President of Emirates Canadian University College, praised the significant role played by UAE Journalists Association in promoting and developing journalism. 
He said that our student’s participation in the training session organized by the association comes within the framework of the college's keenness to integrate students in business environments, and bring them closer to the labor market along with the practical application of all courses.
Dr. Hatem said, after seeing the level of Mass Communication students’ participation in a training course on "Using Social Media to Support the Quality of Journalism". Organized by UAE Journalists Association in conjunction with International Press Institute.
The training session addressed the great development in media sector over the past few years and the emergence of a new media based on modern means of communication and social networking, along with anecdotal narrative through social media, and illuminations about digital security. The workshop also included a presentation on how international newspapers deal with abusive comments through social media, and how to create a safe space for readers and followers to interact with media professionals without detriment to the media and its staff.