Workshop about Effective Communication at Emirates Canadian University College

Dr. Galal Hatem, President of Emirates Canadian University College, emphasized during a workshop on Effective Communication in Teaching Process that providing quality training to faculty members stems from the fact that communication process has become a major and influential element in development strategies and plans due to its importance in promoting teaching process, and provide the expected benefit to the students within the classroom.
Dr. Hatem said that such workshops are necessary to keep pace with the development of communication rules and concepts, and its implemented tools and methods, in addition to strategies and theories of effective teaching. ECUC pays special attention to labor market requirements which have been already met by it through providing practical application in all its offered programs.
Dr. Motasem Bakheet, Assistant Professor in Mass Communication Department, did a Presentation on effective communication in teaching process, as a part of the activities of Research and Development committee in the college, aiming to discuss the means of communication used within the classroom, and access to the different experiences of faculty members, to ensure the use of effective communication skills in serving the strategic objectives of Emirates Canadian University College.
Dr. Bakheet spoke about effective communication skills in university teaching, the definition of communication process, its need to expertise between the sender and receiver, and the need to develop communication methods in the lecture to keep pace with the great boom in the means and techniques of communication, in addition to the use of multimedia within the classroom, and emphasis on non-verbal communication skills and body language and their integration in the personal style to promote class discussions among students.