Additional Discounts for early Registration at the ECUC

Dr. Galal Hatem, president of Emirates Canadian University College, confirmed that the College has obtained the administrative approval to switch to « The University of Umm Al Quwain », after seven years, where it could add a clear effect in UAE educational arena, and proved to be one of the institutions that provide academic programs Committed to quality assurance standards, methodological and scientific mechanisms that comply with international standards, as well as being one of the most important educational institutions that have undertaken the task of promoting the status of higher education in the UAE, which depends on innovation and creativity to build a competitive knowledge economy.
Dr.Hatem said, on a live stream interview at RAK Radio, that new programs will be offered after the transition to a university, and Master programs in law and media will be opened soon after obtaining the needed approvals.
He also spoke about the additional discount that students may get for early registration of the first semester 2019-2020 if they meet the required conditions.       
He added, “ After obtaining the final accreditation for Media and Law departments from the Ministry of Education, we are working to achieve the UAE's directions in ensuring the quality of education in accordance with the latest international standards, which are based on 11 academic and administrative aspects of higher education institutions, including governance and management, and quality assurance, Scientific and research activities, students, faculty, educational facilities, health, safety and environment, legal compliance and public disclosure, educational resources, physical capacity and sustainability of educational institutions, in addition to community engagement.
The president said that the college is in the process of moving to the new campus which will provide students with a distinctive learning environment with all the modern facilities and means of education.  And shifting there is supposed to be in the first academic semester 2020 -2021. 
The new campus translates the mission of Umm Al Quwain University as a leading educational institution that starts from the emirate to the whole world with tolerance and inherent values of the UAE community. He pointed out that the new campus will meet the desired expansions in the number of students, and provide them with a learning environment that keeps up with the times.