Mission and Vision

  • Vision

The vision of Emirates Canadian University is to become one of the pre-eminent higher education institutions in the Middle East and be well recognized around the Middle East.


  • Mission

The mission of Emirates Canadian University (ECUC) is to educate students to meet the challenging educational and cultural needs of the UAE society through teaching, scholarship and public service.  The University College seeks to provide both students and the larger community with the educational and cultural tools they need to thrive in a complex world. 


  • Philosophy

ECUC acknowledges that a high standard in higher education is possible only by maintaining academic and professional excellence in the faculty, staff and students. Only the pursuit of excellence by the institution guarantees respect and credibility both from the local and the international communities. The University College is confident of prominent role it will play in fostering educational and technological advancement in the United Arab Emirates and the region. 


  • Goals of  ECUC

ECUC's goals are as follows:

  • To empower students to base their learning, developing and adapting on their cultural heritage and background.
  • To assist the students apply their knowledge, skills and training in their jobs.
  • To furnish academic programs, services, facilities, and technologies to foster team functioning and learning for students’ full-fledged intellectual development and personal improvement.
  • To inculcate in the students the essentiality of ethics, good behavior, accountability and professionalism.
  • To promote the growth of critical thinking and lifelong learning. 
  • To accommodate students for successful career placement through the provision of professional and business networking.
  • To develop ECUC's research capabilities within the context of applied learning, and provide a dynamic learning environment for students, staff and faculty to induce teaching/learning by means of research and scholarships to serve the profession and community at best.
  • To retain faculty with diverse experiences and qualified educators with industry-current expertise.
  • To plan for training, continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities for students, staff and faculty as integral part of the university’s activities.