Program Objectives

The English language and Translation Program based on the mission and objectives of the Umm Al-Quwain University educates and trains its students:

  • To raise the competency level in the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, achieved through the specific language courses required to be complete during the first two years of study.
  • To develop a broader understanding of the language system and subsidiary language disciplines in language study to be open to multiple cultures, and be well able to interact with different cultures, by developing their communicative, grammatical and pragmatic competences through e.g. Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax, etc.
  • To be knowledgeable of world literary classics, canon, genres, as well as interdisciplinary approaches to the study of literature.
  • To be able to translate different texts, be they literary or non-literary mastering techniques suitable to translate different genres and styles and understanding communication as a social and psychological process in terms of the concepts, levels, channels and effects.
  • To understand the skills and competencies utilized in problem solving and decision making that can be applied in a variety of English language and translation situations.